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Jaya Fire

Jaya Fire is a multidisciplinary fire performer, hula hoop artist, visual artist and poet...



Ordha | Spirals Of Light | Luminescence



Temple Of Urban Movement | Wee Natty Hoops


Jennifer Kettles

Jaya Fire is a multidisciplinary fire performer, hula hoop artist, visual artist and poet. She has devoted her life to creating work which is versatile, enchanting and internationally acclaimed. Through the ritualistic nature of her dance, Jaya Fire invites audiences to transcend their realities, immerse themselves in the divine aspect of the moment and the realms of the imagination.

Living between Amman, Jordan and her Scottish homelands, as well as traveling internationally, she draws deep inspiration from intercultural dialogue, mythology, sacred landscapes, celebration of tradition and heritage, promotion of respect, unity and dance as a language of the soul.

Jaya Fire has performed and hosted workshops at a wide range of art and music venues; UK festivals include Wilderness, Into The Wild Festival, Kelburn Garden Party and Wee Dub Festival. Her strong stage presence and fire has illuminated events such as Morning Gloryville London, Lyrically Challenged. Live performances include various prestigious venues such as The Jazz Cafe, London. 

Jaya Fire is the co-founder of Temple Of Urban Movement: An urban holistic healing space fusing Hatha Yoga, Bellydance and Hoop dance. Together with highly respected Yoga instructor, Saara Luna, of 'Kula Roots' , Temple Of Urban Movement provides healing spaces in urban environments where women can gather and connect with their innate power through movement.


Ordha , Spirals Of Light, Luminescence

Ordha- Solo Fire Show 

Dancing alchemy performance. Alive with enchanting movements and aesthetics, this multidisciplinary fire production is centered around an artistic interpretation of Scottish “Selkie” folklore and the Scottish Gaelic word “Ordha” meaning golden, shining like gold!

Fusing the hypnotic manipulation of 3 golden hula hoops with the fluid movements of Bellydance technicality and the powerful element of fire, “Ordha” invites audiences to connect with their imagination, honouring the sacred nature and patterns of geometry which exists within us, the natural world and the universe itself.

Prepare to be guided through an unforgettable journey of reflection, transformation and fire.

Selkie folklore depicts mythological creatures, resembling seals, who are often coerced into relationships with humans by someone hiding their seal-skin. The longing to return to their true nature becomes unbearable and the Selkie's reclaim their seal-skins, returning to the vastness of the ocean.

“Ordha” is an exploration of the themes present in this folklore including; longing, identity, transcendence, freedom of movement and the deep oceans of intuition and creativity that exist within us. The choreography aims to offer reflection on the symbolism, relevance and validity of such themes in our modern context.

Spirals Of Light- Sufi Circus Duo Fireshow

Jaya Fire and Deema D present their international duo fire show, illuminating stages and events across the Arab world and beyond with entrancing manipulations of fire and light.

SPIRALS OF LIGHT is a celebratory theatrical fire show that follows the artists on a journey of 

re-connection with their roots, heritage, selves and each other.

A professional, theatrical fire-dance production founded on the exploration and celebration of the performers respective ancestry through music, folklore and traditional dances from Scotland and Palestine. This journey is guided by the principles of Sufism (mystical Islamic perspectives) and Deep Ecology, honouring our pain for the world and seeking to find new ways of relating to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Join us on a journey of re-connection and celebration of our roots.

Luminescence- LED Light manipulation show 

Spectacular LED Light show performed with fiber optic whips and fully programmable hoop which changes pattern in time with the music, leaving thousands of visual patterns and hypnotic trails of colour. Branding and logo's can be added to the hoop's digitally programmable settings to add a unique touch to events. 


Temple Of Urban Movement | Wee Natty Hoops

Temple Of Urban Movement
 (co-founded by Saara Luna)
An intensive workshop using the sacred arts of Yoga, Bellydance and Hula Hoop Dance to explore the potential for connecting to our highest life state and power in the urban environment. Temple Of Urban Movement aims to create a nourishing, welcoming space for women to connect and restore in the intensity and harshness of the urban environment. We invite you to reconnect with your body as your temple through movement.

Hatha Yoga: Yoga unites mind, body and soul. It allows us to connect with our highest purpose whilst bringing presence and awareness to our bodies.

Bellydance: This powerful ancient practice links to birth ritual, temple dance and rhythmic intelligence. It is a key, allowing us to harness and celebrate the divine feminine power within us. 

Working with isolation, layering and motions which imitate the circular motions present in nature, a valuable practice for gaining deeper understanding of your body and your relationship with it. 

Hula Hoop Dance: An entrancing motion to open up the body , allowing us to connect with our inner rhythms. Hoop dance is a fantastic tool which can assist us in moving beyond our emotional and physical blockages, through awakening a “flow state”.

Psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi has defined the 'flow state' as an “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.”

Wee Natty Hoops

Festival favourite *Wee Natty Hoops* Children's reggae Hula Hoop workshop. The perfect combination of laughter, smiles, hula hoop dance and positive vibrations for all of the family.

Visual Art


"Jaya Fire is a truly mesmerising performer. We have had Jaya perform for us several times and she never lets down and fails to amaze our crowds. Always a pleasure to work with. We look forward to many more show stopping performances."

"I am still dancing since your beautiful workshop, in the bathroom, in front of the mirror... in the street. Feeling the circles of the feminine. Loved ever minute of your inspirational teaching."



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